Ways Your Life Will Improve Using Paranormal Abilities

  • Live a Safer Life because you can see what potential futures might hold
  • You will be able to do healing on yourself and others.
  • Learn to take in Vital Forces to energize your body and open your energy centers
  • And Much More....

Learn About Paranormal Training Here

Hello I'm Marty Ettington and I've experienced, researched, and written a number of books on the Paranormal over 50 years.

As a result I developed a training course to help people learn what Paranormal Abilities are and how to use them safely

Questions you may have about the Paranormal:

  • Can we really learn to use Paranormal Abilities?
  • What psychic powers really exist?
  • What are the dangers to you?
  • Can I protect myself from things going wrong?
  • Is the Paranormal Evil?
  • Do Spirits really exist?
  • What is the Energy Body?
  • Are Paranormal Abilities Hereditary?
  • What is the relationship of the Paranormal to the Spiritual?

I've had numerous experiences with the Paranormal over my life of sixty-eight years and can tell you that these abilities are very misunderstood and can be used to improve your safety, decision making, and in many other ways to improve your life.

Some Major Benefits to You

  • Clearing Your Mind With our Techniques will allow your paranormal abilities to become more active
  • Learning to Visualize you future will help you avoid accidents and unpleasant situations
  • Learn techniques to heal yourself and others
  • How to take in vital forces to better energize your body
  • How you can protect yourself from spirits and danger

More Information to Build Your Confidence in this Training Course

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