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I've been a student of the unknown for over 50 years. Through my experiences and research I can tell you that the World and Universe we live in is much stranger than we know. My mission has been to document and explain what I can about unusual and strange phenomena-Martin Ettington

Who Built this Content which makes this Membership Unique?

Author Martin Ettington has had many strange experiences and done extensive research for the unique content in his books.

Martin Ettington is an engineer and author who has experienced and researched many of the topics he writes about.

He has over 150 books on Out of the Box topics which includes training courses on this site and much more.

His books cover topics included in these fourteen book categories:

  • Coaching and Business
  • Paranormal
  • Spirituality
  • Ancient History
  • Aliens and UFOs
  • Longevity and Immortality
  • Living in Space
  • Survival
  • Science Fiction
  • Legendary Beings
  • Strange and Science
  • Time and Dimensions
  • Self Improvement
  • Social and Political

Martin's books are the basis of these Training Courses

What is included in the Membership?

Membership Benefits

The Value of these Benefits

  • Two PDF Ebooks per month can be downloaded and read at your leisure
  • One Audiobook per month can be downloaded.
  • Membership in all training courses with a start delay of one to several weeks
  • You can also download the Ebooks provided in each online course
  • An Online blog discussion to ask and answer questions on these subjects
  • Two Ebooks is about $20 USD per month
  • One Audiobook is between $4 and $15 USD per month
  • Membership in all of the current four courses available. Each course will be available with programmed delays per course and new lessons available every week or two. Worth up to several hundred dollars over time
  • Ebooks downloaded from courses can be worth over $100 for each course
  • Blog Access Included to ask questions and make comments

Many more Courses are planned and will be included in this Membership

  • How to build a coaching business
  • Write and Publish a book
  • The Existence of Masters in our World
  • The Importance of Genius
  • Psychological help People Need
  • Plant Earth is Alive
  • Many of the Strange things in the world
  • The History of and how to build Space Colonies
  • UFO Technologies
  • Cryptozoology and Strange animals
  • The Truth about Bigfoot
  • Survival Training for the Uninitiated
  • The History of Sci Fi and Fantasy
  • and Many more.....

What is the cost and how do I signup?

The Monthly Membership Fee is only $29.99 USD

For this fee you will receive all of the benefits listed above

There is also a three day FREE trial period before you are charged


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